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Runaway tourist Justin Bennett finds himself alone off the grid in South India embroiled in a mystery amongst a subculture of transsexual third gender’s known as Hijra. 

Justin Bennett's relationship with Marco is in a rut so deep, not even a 5-Star Baltic cruise can pull it out. So when opportunity knocks in Helsinki, he takes a leap - during a drunken night with strangers, shuts down his online presence and abandons Marco aboard the ship. When he wakes up on a flight to Estonia, Justin thinks it's the start of a journey to a new beginning. 

But as Justin soon learns, not all beginnings are created equal. On the flight, he meets Dasha - a mysterious and mesmerizing androgyne, on her way to India in search of a third-gender commune. No matter that she doesn't want him along - Justin follows her and finds himself on an odyssey through an India very different from anything he might ever have imagined. From the filthy alleyways of old Delhi to the deceptively quiet northern village of Bhogpur and the southern brothels of Madurai, Justin Bennet will soon learn what it means to be truly off the grid: of his old life, his new hopes, and the person that he once thought himself to be.

Coming of age, Eunice Johnson is curious about her mixed parents 1960s activist adventures. Set in Alabama in the 1990s, the action- packed story of how Eunice brought down the KKK by applying what she learns from her mixed-race activist parents' adventures.

Eunice Johnston is a natural born freedom fighter. She comes by it naturally with her 1970s activist parents and overcoming the taunts of ‘half-breed’ and ‘mutt,’ growing up. She is admired in her Montgomery neighborhood for her fearless protection of underdogs, including her secret crush Sam Hood.

Eunice’s world is rocked when she's bumped a school grade and hurled into chaos at an inner-city high school. Not only has the teasing started again but Booker T. Washington is embroiled in drug trafficking that is a threat to the entire community. She joins forces with enigmatic, Terrence Battle and his band of vigilantes, who make it their mission to defend the school and teach the troublemakers a lesson. When a demonstration goes horribly wrong, Eunice must use her tempestuous nature to outwit rival gangs.

Lost and alone, Eunice is left to make decisions that could ultimately cost her imprisoned father his freedom or save Sam from the cross hairs of the Alabama Klan.

Growing up in the suburbs of Montreal, degenerate Kyle Regan bounces from one Montreal loft party to another, lost and isolated from family, until after his grandmother's funeral learns he had a kindred spirit in her. 

When Montreal party boy Kyle Regan, resurfaces for grandmother Dot's funeral in the tiny village of Lakefield, he comes face to face with his abusive father Russell. A boozer, Kyle has messed up his life engaging in risky behavior in the city. It all looks bleak until a trio of Dot's confidantes intervene and share a scrapbook of cherished mementos with Kyle; unearthing tales of love, betrayal and family darkness, all told through a captivating heroine who may well have been ahead of her time.

As Kyle becomes engrossed in untangling Dot's secrets, he learns that forgiveness may be the only way to bring about peace between him and his father Russell. 


Will Morning Ever Come is a moving, often amusing, coming-of-age story, about the complex bond between father and son.

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