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This is the Day: a novel

Runaway tourist Justin Bennett finds himself alone off the grid in South India embroiled in a mystery amongst a subculture of transsexual third gender’s known as Hijra.

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Justin Bennett's relationship with Marco is in a rut so deep, not even a 5-Star Baltic cruise can pull it out. So when opportunity knocks in Helsinki, he takes a leap - during a drunken night with strangers, shuts down his online presence and abandons Marco aboard the ship. When he wakes up on a flight to Estonia, Justin thinks it's the start of a journey to a new beginning. 


But as Justin soon learns, not all beginnings are created equal. On the flight, he meets Dasha - a mysterious and mesmerizing androgyne, on her way to India in search of a third-gender commune. No matter that she doesn't want him along - Justin follows her and finds himself on an odyssey through an India very different from anything he might ever have imagined. From the filthy alleyways of old Delhi to the deceptively quiet northern village of Bhogpur and the southern brothels of Madurai, Justin Bennet will soon learn what it means to be truly off the grid: of his old life, his new hopes, and the person that he once thought himself to be.